About My Pictures
As you scroll through each gallery, you will notice each picture is coded with either PH, CR1, CR2, etc.. The pictures coded with PH are those which are straight photos with minimal touchups. Each picture coded with CR has been “created” in some way. The number 1, 2, etc., following the CR code indicates the amount of creativity involved in producing the final picture, with 1 being the least amount of creativity and the higher the number the more creativity involved. These pictures are priced accordingly.
I also do custom creations. Many of my “created” pictures can be customized by changing the subject(s). If you love a particular picture background but would love to have YOUR horse, dog, cat, etc. in the picture instead (or with), you can email me to let me know and we can discuss what you’d like done. Or, if you prefer me to use your own pictures (BOTH background AND subject(s)), I can also do that. However, NO quote can be given on any customized work until you email the details and pictures to me. Please note, if I am doing customized work for you, I will need you to email FULL SIZE pictures to me. All customized work is satisfaction guaranteed.
My work is not just limited to various styles of scenery, whether created by me or customized for you, but I will also do “Portraits” from your photographs. Please see samples in my Portrait Gallery.
If you want a funny picture, I can email you some samples to look at and we can then discuss some various choices, along with a quote. Lastly, I can restore certain pictures. Once again, I would have you email me the full size picture and I would inform you whether or not it would be a picture I could restore back to an acceptable level and I would quote you a price. One again, this would be based on satisfaction guaranteed.
Pictures are always printed as a MATTE finish unless you specifically request a GLOSSY finish. I personally feel a MATTE finish is much better for framing, however, if you prefer a GLOSSY finish, just let me know.
Peggy Delisi