Welcome to My Website
I hope you will enjoy checking out the different galleries to see all my pictures, which, when printed and beautifully framed, make wonderful wall art. Please note, new pictures WILL be added from time to time as I am constantly working on new creations. Please check back for new additions.
Photographing beautiful scenery, structures, nature, amazing animals and birds is a passion of mine. By using a combination of these photographed pictures and my God given talent for creativity, I am able to utilize these by creating wonderful “works of art”. This is a self taught talent and I believe the pictures speak for themselves.
Life to me is like a gigantic picture. When I look around, I see a picture in everything, albeit, not always one of beauty! However, pictures can portray many wonderful things – beauty, nostalgia, humour, stark reality, memories, fantasy, etc. For me, the goal of many of my pictures is for beauty of nature and all it means for us. Animals and birds are also a true passion and love of mine so you will see them portrayed in a large portion of my works. I also hope some of my works will give you a sense of nostalgia and/or peace.
I add a little fantasy in some pieces, because to me, it can signify peacefulness and beauty, as in the pictures of a horse and deer grazing together or a zebra and the horse at the bottom of a dark hilly region.
Pictures make great gifts! In times of good and bad economy, a picture is a gift that brings enjoyment for years. It won't wither and die; it won't be eaten and gone within minutes or days. It won't wear out in a few years. If framed correctly, it will last many years.
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Portraits: Please note some of the pictures in the Portrait Gallery are sample only and are not for sale - e.g. the picture of the cat, Sabrina and the pictures of people.

Funds: All prices are based on U.S. dollars.

Tax: The current state tax rate will be added for all North Carolina sales at checkout.
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